Martine Simone Idelle Antoinette Renard was born in BΓΆblingen, Germany to Denis Renard (French investor and heir) and Maria Lambert (American USMC general). Her parents had met in New Orleans while Denis was on vacation in the states and she was visiting her parents on leave. They spent the next six months writing back and forth until Denis arrived in Germany for a "visit" and never left. One month later, they were married. Ten months later, their first child Martine came along.

The vast majority of her childhood was spent travelling around, first for her mother's job and then - once Maria was honorably discharged - for her father's. The closest thing she had to any "friends" were her three younger brothers and all four siblings were perfectly happy with their pampered, nomadic lifestyle. Then, in 2004, her mother accepted a full-time position as a logistics manager at a Boston company and life as the family was accustomed to changed drastically.

Prior to this move the kids had never: lived in a single home for more than two years, attended a regular school, or spent more than five consecutive days in the U.S. The abrupt changes madde for an uncomfortable period of culture shock and resentment for all four kids. Martine was the quickest to adjust, stepping up to set an example for her younger brothers by throwing herself into high school extracurriculars and American culture headfirst.

Always an overachiever, Martine did well enough in high school to gain acceptance to Stanford university where she pursued a degree in bioengineering & physics. She graduated with honors and returned to Boston, taking a year from her studies before enrolling as a doctoral candidate in Harvard's biophysics graduate program. Upon receiving her doctorate, she took a high-paying but soul-sucking R&D job at a pharmaceuticals company before quitting to join a fledgling AI startup. She remained in that position until the snappening of 2018 when, like everyone else she knew, Martine found herself in San Francisco with little explanation.

True to form, however, she rolled with it and adjusted to the strange "move" as well as she'd done with every other upheaval in her life. She is currently employed at a medical research think tank and living in the Bernal Heights neighborhood. Recently, her alterego, Monica Rambeau, has awakened and sent Martine's life into another whirlwind.

1990: born in germany

1993: mathieu is born

1994: fam moved to okinawa

1995: marcus is born

1996: maria is discharged

1999: fam moved to france

2000: fam moved to barcelona

2000: michael is born

2003: maria accepts boston job

2007: accepted into stanford

2011: graduates + moves back to boston

2012: grad school @ harvard

2017: completes doctorate

2018: snapped to san fran

2020: monica wakes up

Monica Rambeau has always been devoted to serving and protecting the public, both as herself and in her various costumed guises. before she became one of the brightest stars in the age of marvels, she was a dedicated lieutenant in the new orleans harbor patrol -- until she was bombarded by extra-dimensional energies and gained the power to convert her own body into energy and back again at will. she left the harbor patrol to become a full-time adventurer... (more)

et cetera
hypercosmic awareness she does not process sensory reception like a regular being anymore. Her consciousness perpetuates approximate human senses allowing her to know just what she's seeing, hearing or feeling and translating it to something her physiology recognizes. To this extent she's also aware when something is grievously wrong with the universe. eidetic memory Ever since she acquired her powers, Monica's photographic memory improved, allowing her to have total recall of everything she sees. master combatant a master at hand-to-hand combat, thanks to her law enforcement background and training by Captain America during her time with the Avengers. able to copy or mix several types of martial arts and movements and analyze an opponent's strengths/weaknesses in real time. shockwave rider experimental vehicle powered by an infinite power source known as the Zero Point Squirt drive. Also contains 'five tesseract zones' and gear for a full squad including 'personal flight harnesses' which allow non-powered individuals to fly.

leo > entj > type 5 > ravenclaw Martine is arrogant enough to think she's smarter and better-looking than most people but those persistent (or masochistic) enough to ride out her many ego trips find a generous, empathetic, and fiercely loyal woman who plays hard and works harder. she can be vain, competitive, reckless, territorial + obnoxiously self-absorbed at times.

martine's tropes
action fashionista
combat pragmatist
defrosting ice queen
lovable alpha bitch
minored in asskicking
nerves of steel
pint-sized powerhouse
  • briefly considered becoming a rocket scientist for shits & giggles.
  • she's very close with her parents & three younger brothers.

  • very femme & obsessed with fashion, in sharp contrast to her ex-marine mother.

  • began receiving self-defense & firearms training from her mom at a young age.

  • reflective of where she's lived, speaks french, spanish, german, and a little japanese.

  • all appearances (& occasional bouts of ditziness) aside, she is a hardworking, dedicated scientist who tends to work 12-hour days.

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