known as dr. martine renard
date of birth 31 JULY 1990
alterego monica rambeau
recruited on 22 FEB 2020
department paramilitary ops
public cover UCLA PostDoc scholar
threat level alpha
csa, cv status covert, veiled
clearance L5 (probationary)

special skills multilingual (french, spanish, german, limited japanese & russian), advanced hand-to-hand combat, advanced biophysics knowledge, firearms & knives training, deception, leadership, military strategy, trained maritime pilot.

assessment anti-CSA sentiments, but seemingly cooperative at time of recruitment. familial military background. her personality & abilities are well-suited for espionage, but she herself is uncommitted. appears to have prior training with weaponry & hand-to-hand, training origin currently unknown. possibly immortal? potential of threat is high, target may need to be neutralized if interests do not align. recommendation: partner with senior agent to keep in check.

known abilities — appearance alteration
— invisibility
— intangibility
— flight
— superhuman speed
— energy absorption
— energy blasts
— energy manipulation

distinguishing marks 5'8 tall, 140lbs, green eyes, dark brown hair. bears over 25 tattoos, though it must be noted she can change her appearance at will & biometrics are necessary to identify her. subject does not age past appearance of 29, believed to be due to the onset of her powers.

equipment tba preferred missions asset recovery, search & rescue, reconnaissance, espionage, and in her own words: "brawling & blowing shit up."